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You must be over 20 years old
to order alcoholic beverages

Order, Packing, Delivery and Payment

How to order

Note: Any person purchasing alcoholic beverages must be over 20 years old.
Please state your birthday and age in the designated space of the Customer Registration form.

Order and sales terms

If this is your first order please register your personal data in the CUSTOMER REGISTRATION form first. In this context please rest assured that GUKI CELLARS uses the data solely for internal company purposes. We do not sell, share, rent or otherwise provide outsiders with any information except where necessary to execute our business such as delivering the goods, collection of payments, conducting company organized activities as well as promoting and marketing our goods and services. Also, please ensure that the data provided is complete and correct to avoid possible errors.

If you are a customer please check that the data derived from your registration record is still correct. Otherwise please change or complete the entries shown in the order sheet.

Order confirmation

Customers will receive an automatic e-mail to which the "Order Confirmation" is attached. GUKI CELLARS reserves the right to request that corrections to the order be made or to cancel the order should this be necessary.

Standard order conditions

Prices quoted are for one bottle (or set of products) ex cellars, without and with consumption tax. The prices quoted without consumption tax are charged in the invoice, the tax amount is added. Service charges (for transportation, cool delivery and cash on delivery) are also billed excluding tax. Transportation fees as stated are charged unless they were not included specifically in the offer price.

For each delivery a transportation fee of ¥ 500 is charged. From April 16th to September 30th cool deliveries are standard. During these months a "cool surcharge" of ¥ 300 is added to the transportation fee for each lot of 10 bottles or less.    

NOTE: The same surcharge is added for cool deliveries from October 1st to April 15th if a cool delivery was requested. 

NOTE: For deliveries to Okinawa and other islands please contact us for a quotation.

For payment by cash on delivery (COD) a handling fee of ¥ 400 is charged.                                                         NOTE: For COD payment orders the invoice- and cargo receiver must be the same. 

Minimum order conditions

An order must be comprised of either 3 bottles or a pre-packed set or an order amount of not less than ¥ 10,000. .

Sales Units
The available packing options of each product are stated on the product web pages. As a rule, wines and spirits are sold and delivered in their original packing i.e. either wooden cases or cartons of 3, 6 or 12 bottles. As part of its services GUKI CELLARS provides customers also with the possibility to order most of the products in "Assorted Cartons" of either 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 or 3 bottles. For products priced ¥ 10,000 (or higher) "Assorted Cartons" of 1 or 2 bottles are also available. Certain products, as stated on the product web pages, are available only in cases or cartons containing 3, 6 or 12 bottles. Non-wine & spirit products are packed and sold in units as stated separately.

Packing Standards

All cases and cartons are delivered in solid cartons. Please note that products for delivery in "Assorted Cartons" are packed and dispatched in line with standard procedures; the kind and number of products in each carton cannot be determined in advance.  These cartons are also not suitable as gift boxes.

How to pay

Payment terms

To pay your order please choose from among the ways stated below:

  1. Pay COD (Cash on delivery) 
  2. Note:The maximum amount for one COD delivery is limited to ¥300,000.
  3. Pay using one of the following credit cards: Visa, Master, JCB, American Express or Diners Club.
  4. Note: Order amounts exceeding ¥100,000 are to be paid by bank remittance.
  5. Note: Please be advised that any of the designated credit cards, when issued in Japan, is accepted. However, the card registration and related procedures are in Japanese language only.  Should you not be familiar with it please select to pay either by bank remittance or by means of cash on delivery (COD).

Reservation period for pre-payment orders

Products ordered to be pre-paid are reserved for 3 working days which follow the order date i.e. the reservation for an order placed on the 1st of the month expires on the 4th at midnight. Please pay on time.

Payment confirmations
Upon reception of the pre-payment customers will receive a "Payment Confirmation" by e-mail.

Delivery procedure

Standard delivery
Unless specified otherwise orders are dispatched one working day after order procedures were completed. Depending upon the location receivers will receive the order within 1-3 days after the dispatch date.

Timing your delivery
Should you desire to receive your order on a certain date and/or time, please complete respective entries in the order sheet.  It should be noted that delays in time might occur.  Please also note that orders must be dispatched within 30 days after the order date at the latest.

Invoice and Transport documents
On the dispatch day customers are informed by e-mail of the dispatch. The invoice and delivery documents are attached. Please print them out and/or store them as needed. Should you encounter any difficulty please contact us through our contact form or by Fax at (045) 623-7906 of call us at (045) 232-4499. Please specify your Customer-, order- or invoice-  and telephone number. It enables us to proceed with the matter at hand more quickly and accurately.

Cool delivery
From April 16th to September 30th all orders are delivered using the cool delivery system. The cool delivery surcharge is applied automatically. During the other months please choose as desired. Even during the winter using the cool delivery system may be advisable for deliveries in very cold areas to avoid that products freeze. Cool delivery temperatures range from 6~10°C. NOTE: Cool delivery is limited to 15 kg for one carton. The surcharge of ¥ 300 is added for each lot of 6 bottles or less.

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