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Product N° 00304-15

2015 - Randsackerer Ewig Leben Sylvaner

Germany, Franken, QbA

Staatlicher Hofkeller, Würzburg

Alcohol13.5 %Volume750 mlMaturityDrink or Hold


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Staatlicher Hofkeller, Würzburg

Hofkeller_01.jpgThe estate is part of the "Würzburger Residenz"of the former prince-bishops.  The palace is one of Europe's most famous baroque palaces.  The shell of the building was completed in only 24 years (from 1720-1744); the interior was completed by 1870.  The residence represents the finest baroque style of its time.  Its most famous part is the magnificent staircase with a height of 23 meters.  A huge, unsupported vault measuring 18x30 meters covers it.  In 1752/53 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo painted the vault.  With 600m² it is the largest ceiling fresco ever painted.  The palace was almost completely destroyed during an air raid in 1945.  Miraculously the staircase and fresco were saved.  Reconstruction started right after the end of the war and was completely finished in 1987.  In 1981, UNESCO listed the residence as a "World Cultural Heritage.
Hofkeller_5.jpg"The "Hofkeller" (court cellars) is Germany's oldest estate tracing its origins back to the year of 1128.  The estate belonged to the Church until the secularization.  It became the property of the Bavarian State at the beginning of the 19th century.  It is said to be Germany's third largest estate, producing between 800-900,000 bottles annually and comprises of 120 hectares of vineyards.  Deep cellars going down four levels are located underneath the palace.  They contain the most modern wine making equipment and hundreds of old and new, large and small wooden casks and many tasting and banquet settings.  The cellars were built at the same time as the residence with walls and supporting pillars up to 5 meters thick and vaults up to 8 meters high.  The size of the cellars exceeds 4,500 m² with the corridors taking up close to 900 meters.


Hofkeller_02.jpgThe estate produces a large variety of wines, with particular emphasis on classified growth areas, of which the "Würzburger Stein" is the most famous.  Grapes such as Sylvaner, Riesling, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and others are grown on red sandstone, limestone and Keuper producing highly graded and sought after wines.  After a period of dormancy the estate has, during the last years, regained its regional primacy.  The estate produces mainly dry, off-dry and fruity white wines but also some outstanding red wines (Pinot Noir) but unfortunately in very small quantities.

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